Weekly Art Groups

painting of a dog

Painting groups meet weekly and are an enjoyable way to develop your painting skills with Rosemary's help. They take place at two venues in Staffordshire.

Joining in with a weekly art group is a chance to paint with like-minded people in a comfortable atmosphere. All with guidance from a professional artist and tutor who shows, through demonstration of painting techniques (and sometimes a complete painting demonstration) how to progress and gain even more enjoyment from your hobby and passion. Friendships are made, laughter is heard and we all enjoy our own and each other’s creativity. And you don't already have to be a painter to join in - complete beginners are welcomed and tuition is given to guide at every stage.

image of derrington art group


There are currently two venues:

  • One group at Foxt Village Hall (ST10 2HN):

    Meets Monday 1.30– 4.30pm

  • Four groups at Derrington Village Hall (ST18 9LR):

    Tuesday 9.45am–12.15pm

  • Tuesday 1pm – 3.30pm.

    Thursday 9.45am–12.15pm

    Thursday 1pm – 3.30pm.

Each autumn these groups hold a very successful exhibition. Some of the proceeds from this go to Oak Tree Farm charity and some go towards purchasing art materials for group members’ use. This enables them to try out art materials without having to buy first. We also have a library of art tuition books and Dvds.

Each group is made up of painters of varied experience, including beginners and Rosemary ensures there always a step-by-step project each term for those with little experience. This is optional, and more practiced painters may elect to do their own subject in any medium (except oils) with Rosemary's guidance when required. Number of people per group is 12 maximum.

TERM: Term lengths vary and new members are welcome to join mid-term so please get in touch if you are interested.

CREDIT SYSTEM: Any sessions missed (for any reason) may be "caught up" by joining another class, space permitting.

ENQUIRIES: Rosemary on tel: 01538 260007 or email: rosemary@rosemaryhale.co.uk