Painting and drawing outside in the beautiful surroundings of my home village, Foxt in north Staffordshire ...what could be more pleasant? Well, that's what I think anyway...and if you think the same, then please do join me...Rosemary


I am happy to be able to offer everyone the chance to enjoy painting days out in the really beautiful countryside which surrounds my home village of Foxt in north Staffordshire. There is a choice of activities to suit anyone  interested in painting "en plein air" and refreshments (pub or tea rooms) available nearby at the end of the day.

What does sketching mean? Sketching is a very loose term which covers all manner of drawing and painting activities. For example, a sketch can be a simple line drawing done in pencil or ink, or a more extensive watercolour image with pencil added later. Anything can go into a sketchbook including written notes and daubs of mud!

  Quick soluble ink sketches...simply brush water over the drawing to create tonal studies.  This little sketch had to be done  as fast as possible in case the mist obscured my view of the I was sailing past it at speed at the time!  A soluble ink pen and  water brush are the perfect tools at times such as this.                                                                                   


 An atmospheric rendering of Staffordshire Moorland scenery, taken from my sketchbook

 Sometimes a sketch turns into something more extensive, depending on the time available and how you feel.

 Also from my sketchbook, a watercolour painting, done when time was not pressing and I was comfortable and warm!



Dates for 2018 will be posted in Spring