Outdoor Paiting Days

These very enjoyable events are held during the summer months in beautiful locations in Staffordshire and Derbyshire. Each typically starts with a demonstration and general advice on painting outside. After this, each person settles down with their own choice of subject to paint and Rosemary is on hand to guide and encourage throughout the remainder of the day.

From Rosemary’s sketchbook, a demonstration at Weston Park in August 2018:


Anything can go into your sketchbook including written notes, feathers and daubs of mud. Well, that’s what Rosemary believes anyway! So on her outdoor painting days, you can feel free to paint your own choice of subject using whatever style and method that suits you. Watercolour, graphite, pastels, acrylics, ink….most of these find their way into Rosemary’s rucksack at some time during her trips into the countryside. Her most favoured method, when wanting to quickly capture an image outside uses watercolour paper, a soluble ink pen and water brush. These relatively cheap and portable materials enable you to work at speed… and are especially useful if you are on the move, such as on holiday.

What does sketching mean? Sketching is a very loose term which covers all manner of drawing and painting activities. For example, a sketch can be a simple line drawing done in pencil or ink, or a more extensive watercolour image with pencil added later.

A recent example from my own sketchbook:

Ink sketch of an old field byre in Staffordshire

The subject:

A video demonstration:

2018 events have now been completed but there will be more in 2019 so please watch this space for details next year.

Pages from my Sketchbook